Detox Your Life is a 10-part, digital course where Queen Afua teaches step by step instructions on how to detox yourself holistically while creating a wellness centered home from setting up your Wellness Nutrition Kitchen with delicious recipes, herbs, tonics, and smoothies. 

Eat food as medicine, to transform your bathroom into a hydrotherapy self healing room, to transform your bedroom into a regeneration room, to your living room into a place of serenity. In the 21 day/12 week detoxifying regimen, you will learn how to slow down the aging process, lose weight, and gain optimal vitality.


  • Learn how to become a Healer in your Family & create a Wellness Centered Home taking Queen Afua's 4 Master Detox Workshops.

  • Be transformed, journey into the 21 Day Detox Program along with transforming your house to a wellness home.

  • Receive practical wellness strategies to help you prevent diseases such as high blood pressure, arthritis, headaches, stress, etc.

  • Set up your Heal Thyself spa and shop. Transform Prepare food from the Nutrition Kitchen. Learn how to heal yourself daily as a way of life.


Included in this course are the following


    Nutrition Kitchen Pharmacy: Enjoy delicious foods from Natures Garden, with recipes to nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Learn how to set up a Nutrition Kitchen with Herbs, Whole grains, Vegan Protein, and Fun Deserts


    Live In Room: The living room becomes a place for meditation, family vision work, healing movements and freedom fighting wellness discussions.


    Hydrotherapy Room: Known as the bathroom becomes your surgery by water room for emotional physical detoxification. Learn how to create a Hydrotherapy Day Spa right from your very own home.


    Regeneration Chamber: The bedroom becomes the regeneration chamber where you perform your inversion therapy, clay pack application, and castor oil heat treatment & aromatherapy. All to support the healer within.

What People Are Saying

“Queen Afua has been someone I go to as one of my teachers in the area of detoxing.”

Micheal Beckwidth

Spiritual Leader

“I did the Queen Afua Detox and it was fabulous! Cleared my mind, my spirit as well as my physical body”

Jada Pinkett

Actress + Producer

“Queen Afua has clearly established herself as the mother architect of healing.”

Ayanla Vanzant

Author + Host Of Fix My Life